Group Activities

Apart from the academics, students find themselves immersed in pursuing creative hobbies and interests through various committees. These prove to be an ocean of opportunities to contribute and enrich the campus experience culturally and intellectually. At the institute, committees are autonomous bodies which design their own leadership structure and modes of functioning.

IMRT is dedicated to providing students with plenty of activity outside the classroom. In the past years, IMRT has shown its existence in football, basketball, volleyball, cricket, table tennis, tennis, chess, badminton and Ultimate Frisbee. Many IMRTians have picked up running and have participated in half marathons and other races. At IMRT, faculty and staff members engage with students on the sports field as well.

Vision & Mission


To create a centre of excellence empowering young minds to attain global competencies in management.


To develop a positive, vibrant and healthy learning environment so that ideas can be converted in to constant never ending action towards the advancement of business and society.

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