Institute of Management Research & Technology

Admission Process


MBA Admission Process

To apply to IMRT an applicant must complete the online ‘Application Form’. There is one common Online Application Form.

On the Application Form the candidate must provide educational qualifications, Contact us details, etc. and at least one of the following: registration number for CAT or CMAT or ID for XAT or ID for GMAT. IMRT will be accepting CAT/XAT/GMAT

After completing the form, the applicant can make payment by one of three options: Pay through demand draft: The applicant must make a demand draft payable to “Institute of Management Research and Technology”. On the ‘Application Form’, applicants must provide the demand draft number, name of bank, date, location of bank and amount. After providing these details, the applicant will be directed to a new window that has the details of the information submitted and the ‘tear-off’ sheet together with an ‘Application Form Number’. Applicants should take a printout of this form and keep it for their future reference. Applicants must affix their passport-size self-attested photo to the tear-off sheet and send the demand draft along with it. Once the demand draft and tear-off sheet are received by IMRT, the status is automatically updated on the website. Applicants will also receive a confirmation email within the next 24 hours.

Admissions Decision: Admission decisions will be made after interviews are conducted and admission offers will be made to the selected applicants.

New Admit information: All the new admits will be provided information on fees, schedule, accommodation, etc.

Course Start: Full-time and Executive programmes for academic year will start July every year.


At Campus: Application form can be submitted at admission office along with a fee of 1000/-

Online: Application form can also be filled and submitted online on our website along with online payment of 1000/-